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Five Charitable Donations Fine Print


Southbrook Vineyards is Canada’s largest Organic Winery. We are focused on Quality, the Environment and Sustainability. A major part of Sustainability has to do with social matters. With COVID19, much of our charitable sector has been decimated. In October, I started a program that sends $10 to a designated charity for each $100 a customer spends online until November 25.  We had interest from some Charities to expand this program, and I have decided to do so.

I will donate $10 for each $100 one of your supporters orders and purchases online. The first program has raised over $2,000 in its first 10 days, marketing to our own database. This offer is for you to market to your database. If you are interested, please contact me directly by clicking here. Note that you must be a registered charity.

I am making this simple, as I am so tired of fundraising programs that have lots of weasel terms:

“Doesn’t include tax and shipping “ why not?  This does “Doesn’t apply to sales items”. Again, why wouldn’t it?

“Up to $10,000”. Why? There is no limit. As long as we have wine, the offer stands.

“up to $0.25 per bottle “ I actually saw this one recently.  Not too transparent.

Spend $100, I send $10 to your Charity. Spend $200, I send $20. If one of your group spends $1,000, I will send $100.

I will keep this option open until December 24.

Thank you for your support.

Bill Redelmeier -


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